Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let Down..

meh nk share sket psl let down nie..

"Milk Ejection Reflex"
Some mothers feel a tingling sensation as the milk begins to eject from the breast due to the let-down reflex. The best way to monitor whether this milk-ejection reflex has begun is by watching the sucking and breathing patterns of your baby.

At the start of a feeding, you will notice a pattern such as: suck, suck, suck, swallow, suck, suck, suck, swallow. This pattern may last up to 30 seconds but can be longer. As the milk ejection reflex takes over, the pattern may be described as gulping: one swallow, one deep breath, one swallow, one deep breath. This pattern may last for 2 to 4 minutes.

Your baby may want to nurse longer (maybe 15 or 20 minutes) on this breast in order to get more fat from the hind milk and/or because to fill a need for sucking. Mothers used to be told to nurse for 10 minutes a side.

Now, experts say to watch your baby, not the clock. Let your baby break off the first breast when he's ready, and then try switching to the other breast. If she's not interested, it's ok to nurse on one side per feeding. Just try to start on the other side next time, so you don't get lopsided. "

sgt suka kalu let down time pumping..wah rs mcm telaga yg baru di gali pulak..mencurah2..
tp kalu tgh direct bf nawfal, agk neves kalu dah terasa let down..almaklumla, shaye nie kankalut1st tyme mami..nape neves?

let me share peel Nawfal kalu tiap kali let down nie..
stiap kali bf nawfal, bila aku mule rs je let down is going to happen (rs mcm otot b mengeras, mcm cramp pon ye), aku akn cpt2 tgk nawfal..nk observe reaction dia..

mule2 ok je..xsampai stgh minit..dgr la bunyi mcm nawfal termengah2 n finally dia akn cabut nipp*le secara mengejut, susu akan memancut2, & he will cries.

puncanya, i guess, bila milk ejaculation tu jd, nawfal dah hilang control pd sucking pattern dia/susu..maksudnya, even dia x hisap, susu tetap keluar & buat dia sgt serabut..yelah, he keep on sucking, membuatkan susu betambah2 lah laju alirannya & dia x semapt nk telan sumenye..

boleh imagine x ape yg aku nk sampaikan nie?

so after doing few reading, hmm now aku phm..nawfal tgh berdepan dgn forceful let-down /fast let down reflex..tuh yang wat dia fussy sgt..

jd, cmne ek nk solve problem nie?
nie aku quote articel yg may help mami2 yg experienced d same issue

"What can I do about it?
There are essentially two ways you can go about remedying a forceful let-down:
(1) help baby deal with the fast flow
--->Position baby so that she is nursing "uphill" in relation to mom's breast, where gravity is working against the flow of milk. The most effective positions are those where baby's head and throat are above the level of your nipple. Some nursing positions to try:

Cradle hold, but with mom leaning back (a recliner or lots of pillows helps)
Football hold, but with mom leaning back

Elevated football hold - like the football hold, but baby is sitting up and facing mom to nurse instead of lying down (good for nursing in public).
Side lying position - this allows baby to dribble the extra milk out of her mouth when it's coming too fast..

Australian position (mom is "down under", aka posture feeding) - in this position, mom is lying on her back and baby is on top (facing down), tummy to tummy with mom. Avoid using this positioning frequently, as it may lead to plugged ducts.

gambar hiasan okeh
Burp baby frequently if she is swallowing a lot of air.

Nurse more frequently. This will reduce the amount of milk that accumulates between feedings, so feedings are more manageable for baby.
Nurse when baby is sleepy and relaxed. Baby will suck more gently at this time, and the milk flow will be slower.

Wait until let-down occurs, then take baby off the breast while at the same time catching the milk in a towel or cloth diaper. Once the flow slows, you can put your baby back to the breast.

Pump or hand express until the flow of milk slows down, and then put baby to the breast. Use this only if nothing else is working, as it stimulates additional milk production. If you do this, try to express a little less milk each time until you are no longer expressing before nursing.

(2) take measures to adjust your milk supply down to baby's needs. Since forceful let-down is generally a byproduct of oversupply, most moms will be working on both of these things. It may take a couple of weeks to see results from interventions for oversupply, so try to be patient and keep working on it.
huhu so boleh la mami praktiskan utk nawfal ye..


Chor Ayu said...

hani, ayu tau..sbb tu ms OR kecik ayu bg belah kiri jek..belah kiri tak laju jd kalu susu let down pun dia ok lagi..kalu kann mmg dia ngamuk..tak pick sejak ebsa nih dia suka lg belah kanan..byk..ekekeke..

uzzeh said...

hehe sama la ayu..hani pon dok bg belah kiri esp kalu da tau belah knn tgh bengkak..

pnh gak pksa nawfal hihi suh gak try blh knn..nk bia dia learn how to control..sudahnye, tebatuk2 anakku..oooo sgt cian n nyesal..

Chor Ayu said...

mmg taleh la hani..rifqy stat dia nyusu mcm2 ragam br dia suka tang kanan..heehe..kalu baring taleh..pastu susu suka pancut kat muka dia..hehehe..

uzzeh said...

tuh yg muke nawfal abes tuh ayu..bekurap sane sini..adess x encem sambil baring?ooohhh daku sgt fail bab tuh..